ViFi™: The Next Generation WLAN

ViFi can convey high-bandwidth data simultaneously to and from multiple participants on an individual basis in immersive simulations.

Gigabit Virtual Simulation Networks

ViFi is an optimal system to replace wiring inside an aircraft to establish connection between modules. Sophisticated electronics aboard the aircraft are not shielded from EMI interference caused by a typical WLAN system. ViFi does not pose EMI interference to electronics in an aircraft.

Airborne Networks

ViFi confines the RF signal within the desired coverage area. The unique confinement characteristics of ViFi eliminates the security and detectability concerns that are inherent to traditional WLAN deployments. ViFi can, in particular, serve Navy vessels for top side ship coverage, which requires high security demands and the need to operate in Emissions Controlled (EMCON) conditions.

Shipboard Networks

ViFi™ technology was conceived in order to overcome the challenges of V-band WLAN development and deployment while preserving the technological legacies created by the existing WLAN systems. ViFi solves the LOS requirements at V-band frequencies by a unique spatial transmit and receiver diversity. Benefits include:


       -       Several GHz of unlicensed band

       -       Effective node distribution

       -       Signal confinement by oxygen absorption

       -       Use of latest mmWave technology with mass market potential

       -       Antenna diversity as an anti-shadowing scheme

       -       802.11 economies

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