The Efficient Linearizer

Combined with high performance power amplifiers, MaXPAL simultaneously enables high linearity and efficiency.

Linearity Through Digital Predistortion

The Digital Pre-Distortion Advantage


Systems that implement DPD must be flexible enough to adapt to the future improvements in data converter and power transistor technologies. They should also be able to support different configurations (single carrier vs. multi- carrier) and multiple standards.

Lower Risk

The in-field-programmability feature of FPGA-based solutions significantly lowers the risk of introducing new technologies such as DPD, while also offering scalability for different types of systems (e.g., macro, micro, and pico BTSs). The remote-upgradeability feature further enhances flexibility.

Integrated Solution

The advanced architectural features of FPGAs enable a highly integrated solution, including additional functionality such as crest factor reduction for PAPR reduction and digital up and down conversion.

Parameterized Solution

Implementation of a custom design optimized for the application (e.g., filter skirts, decimation factor, word length) can result in superior performance.

Cost Reduction Path

A low-risk, cost-reduction path for high volume production is necessary in implementing DPD. Optimization of the power consumption and resources will enable higher system performance at lower cost.

The MaXPAL Solution

MaXPAL enables high linearity while simultaneously achieving high efficiency.

Normally, linearity suffers when power amplifiers operate at high saturation and efficiency. We eliminate this trade-off.