Wireless Systems

We design and build technologies for the next generation mobile platforms. This includes wireless gigabit ethernet solutions, V-band WLAN networks and software-defined radios.

Advanced DSP

We've done things such as implement a 60GHz modem with a custom radio waveform, convert a research matlab implementation of DPD that assumed unbounded resources and time into a compact, real-time implementation on an FPGA as well as a manycore processor, and developed methods and architectures for integrating heterogeneous systems in an efficient, user-friendly way.


We specialize in advanced algorithms for ad-hoc & mesh wireless networks that operate in challenging radio environments. For instance, networks hosting a mixture of fixed and mobile devices; networks with low-power radio devices; dense and dynamic networks with vast amounts of entering and exiting devices.


Using expertise in wireless communication, bio-sensing, low power circuit design and power harvesting, MaXentric generates ground breaking projects that push the limits of sensor devices in terms of size and power consumption.


GreenAmp is efficient, runs cooler, and uses less power than conventional power amplifiers. High linearity and broadband round out its flexibility.