Senior Software Development Engineer: Wireless Networking R&D - Greater San Diego Area

We are looking for a senior software developer to drive our R&D efforts in next generation advanced wireless networks. In this role we expect you to have a wide spectrum of expertise, ranging from comprehensive know-how of ad-hoc routing protocol to security mechanisms for Cloud based wireless network functionality. This position will be located in MaXentric’s California office in downtown La Jolla.

In your daily work, you need to tackle complex software system design and performance analysis mixed with hands-on software development & programming. We believe you have a PhD or Master’s degree in EE/CS and at least five to ten years’ experience in the wireless industry. Below are some of the qualifications we are looking for:

  • Up-to-date, hands-on software design, development and programming experience (C/C++, Java, etc.) on Unix based embedded systems, for instance Linux, Android, iOS. This includes real-time systems as well.
  • In-depth understanding of advanced IP networking, including hands-on network programming skills.
  • Extensive wireless standards expertise in, for instance, WiFi, Cellular 2G/3G/4G, and Bluetooth. Experience with tactical wireless network design and development is a definitive advantage.
  • Capable of analyzing, designing and implementing wireless ad-hoc networking routing protocols.
  • Comprehensive proficiency to carry out network performance analysis by means of analytic mathematical models, simulation/emulation and testbed experiments.
  • Capable of designing wireless systems that include Cloud based and database components.
  • Thorough network security competence and capable of designing systems meeting appropriate NSA requirements.

Overall, we are looking for energetic candidates who are innovative, curiosity-driven, willing to explore new ideas, and are strong team players with excellent communication skills.

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